Companionship Care in Colorado Springs, CO

Companionship care is a service offered by Silverfox Homecare Services in Colorado Springs, Colorado. You can feel confident about the security and health of yourself or your loved one when you choose to take advantage of the benefits offered by companionship care. Standard caregivers provide minimal social interactions and are focused more on keeping clients physically safe. Companionship caregivers offers mental support and encouragement for seniors who may have limited opportunities to interact with others due to health concerns or mobility issues.

What to Expect From Companionship Care

Companionship care is not limited to providing positive social interactions. Our staff will help you determine what other daily assistance might be required. You can expect the following from our companionship care:

  • Medication reminders.
  • Light cleaning like sweeping, dishes, tidying up and taking out the garbage.
  • Grocery shopping.
  • Preparing and serving meals.
  • Transportation to and from appointments.
  • Companionship at social and professional meetings or events.
Companionship Care in Colorado Springs, Colorado
Companionship Care in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Benefits of Companionship Care

Loneliness in the elderly community can lead to mental health disorders like depression and anxiety. We ensure our clients feel heard, understood, and appreciated. Our companions are trained to notice changes in behavior that may indicate a health issue, and they can help create a safer environment for you or your family member. In addition, interacting with others in a meaningful way can stimulate the mind and lessen the impact of cognitive decline in conditions like Alzheimer’s. By accompanying clients at home and around town, our caregivers can also decrease the risk of serious injury due to falls or other accidents.

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